Club unveils new hot dog-themed kit and club motto: 'You'll Never Pork Alone'

If the name AFC Bedale rings a distant bell, it might be because you recall the non-league club's seminal 2016 away kit.

After signing a sponsorship deal with a local sausage company, the Yorkshire amateurs found themselves furnished with a pink shirt that was covered entirely in bangers.

Two years on and the partnership is obviously still going strong, as Bedale's new hot dog-themed kit for the 2018-19 season duly proves.

As you can see, the shirt even comes with 'the works' -- a swirl of ketchup and a dollop of mustard.

The meaty theme continues on the reverse too, with the numbers constructed from sausage-shaped silhouettes and the new Bedale club motto -- "You'll Never Pork Alone" -- printed across the back of the neck.

While an undisputed instant classic of the novelty kit oeuvre, we fear it might not suitable for vegetarian fans.