Denmark's Pione Sisto flies in for Slovakia game after missing boycott message

The Denmark national team have found themselves in the headlines over the past week due to an ongoing contractual dispute with their Football Association (DBU) that has had some fairly major repercussions.

Due to a player boycott, the DBU were forced to field a team full of part-timers and futsal internationals for Wednesday night's friendly defeat against Slovakia.

However, it would appear that news somehow failed to reach Pione Sisto, who still travelled out for the fixture despite being told not to.

Indeed, as was the original plan, the 23-year-old winger arrived at Vienna airport the day before the match expecting to find the rest of his Denmark teammates congregated there.

Instead, he was utterly bemused to discover that he was completely on his own.

After managing to contact somebody in the know, Sisto was informed to fly back to Copenhagen, where the senior Danish players and staff were meeting to discuss the aforementioned dispute as a group.

"I have received many messages on my phone in recent days, but have not read them all," he told TV3 Sport. "One of them may be from the Player Association. I have to check it out, even though it is nowhere."

The Danish player association have since confirmed that all players were alerted to the change of plans in good time and that Sisto must have either "overlooked or forgotten" the message.

Yep, that sounds about right.