Who are the top 10 highest-rated players in FIFA 19?

FIFA 19 Player Ratings: The heated debate (2:46)

Players from far and wide are seeing their ratings in FIFA 19, and let's just say there are some discrepancies in their minds. (2:46)

It's that time of year again, when the top 10 highest-rated players on the latest FIFA game are announced unto a waiting world.

EA Sports has teased fans with the rankings for players No. 11 through 100. Now, the 10 most formidable players in FIFA 19 and FIFA 19 Ultimate Team have been revealed.

It perhaps goes without saying that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi occupy the top two spots with equal ratings (94), and it's not exactly surprising to see Neymar and Luka Modric tucked in behind them.

Indeed, there is but one point separating Modric (91) in fourth from his Real Madrid midfield partner Toni Kroos (90) down in tenth.

However, Liverpool fans will no doubt baulk at seeing Sergio Ramos included at No. 7, especially as Mohamed Salah failed to breach the top 20, winding up at No. 27.