Sergio Ramos vs. Dejan Lovren: Real Madrid star 'likes' Instagram post trolling Liverpool rival

While hardly edifying for either player, the spectacularly petty war of words between Sergio Ramos and Dejan Lovren continues to rumble on into yet another new week.

The ill feeling between Ramos and several members of the Liverpool camp began during last season's Champions League final, wherein the Real Madrid captain tangled with Mohamed Salah and injured the Egypt forward's shoulder.

Several minor flare-ups have occurred since, before Lovren fully reignited the feud last month in an interview in which he claimed Ramos "makes more mistakes" than him.

Croatia then faced Spain in the Nations League on Thursday evening, snatching a dramatic 3-2 win in stoppage time.

After the game, Lovren posted a video message on his Instagram story from the dressing room in which he once again took aim at Ramos, appearing to brag about elbowing his adversary in the head.

That was enough for Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic to intervene and vow to talk to his defender in an attempt to stop the squabbling from getting out of hand.

Of course, not being one to let things lie, Ramos has since swatted back at Lovren over social media by "liking" an Instagram post on fan account ramos4isco22 of an image trolling the Reds centre-half.

The composite image in question shows Ramos holding the Champions League trophy aloft over a distraught Lovren sobbing in defeat.


So, will this prove to be the end of the bickering? We all live in hope but alas, it would appear that we're talking about two of the most infantile footballers in existence here.