River Plate fans' 18 hour trip to UAE for Club World Cup final wasted as team lose

River Plate fans are waking up on Thursday morning having to come to terms with their team's elimination from the FIFA Club World Cup, but it's worse for some than others.

Ahead of their team's semifinal, and with the prospect of River facing Champions League winners Real Madrid in the final, a group of River supporters took the 18 hour flight from Buenos Aires to the United Arab Emirates with the hope of getting tickets for the final.

One problem though ... upon landing, the group found out that River had been surprisingly eliminated 5-4 on penalties in their semifinal by UAE club Al-Ain after a 2-2 draw.

According to ESPN Mexico, one of the fans posted a video showing his reaction after finding out River had been knocked out which said it all.

"You wouldn't believe that this idiot has spent 18 hours sitting [on a plane]," the fan said. "And when we arrived, I've heard that we were eliminated because we lost on penalties. What am I doing here? I cannot believe it. At what time is the flight back?"

That's what happens when you expect your team to do anything remotely good, everyone.