Bordeaux sale will go through despite delay - owner Nicolas De Tavernost

Bordeaux's owners "have no doubt" the sale of the club to an American investment fund will go ahead later this month.

General American Capital Partners (GACP) had been expected to complete their takeover at the end of September, but after a late intervention from Bordeaux mayor Alain Juppe, the decision was delayed.

Juppe called for prospective buyers to provide "clarification" of its plans for the club, and GACP head Joe DaGrosa is due to appear before Bordeaux Metropolitan Council on Oct. 11, the day before councillors vote on the takeover.

"I have no doubt the sale will be finalised. Otherwise, we'll enter into a period of great uncertainty," Nicolas De Tavernost, head of TV channel M6, Bordeaux's owners, told Sud Ouest.

"Foreign investors will say to themselves that you can have problems at Bordeaux. It would mark the club. We would go into a period of turbulence from which no-one would come out as a winner.

"A huge amount of varying information has been circulated, some people have asked for clarification. That will be done. I have no doubt about the outcome of the process. We're determined about that, especially as it has been carefully prepared."

Juppe reportedly wants GACP to explain how they intend to make a €10 million saving this year, and clarify the debt the club would owe Fortress Investment, one of GACP's two financial partners.

Juppe had expected the club to be free of debt when the existing owners left, but said: "I discovered today [last Thursday] in a document dated some days ago that is not the case."

"The financial means available are not lacking," De Tavernost countered. "The question is to know to which extent they will invest them. They have given a certain number of guarantees in that regard. It's normal that things are looked at, especially the rent for the stadium, but you can have faith in professionals who are used to running companies."