Gabor Kiraly to retire from Hungary duty following Euro 2016

BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Hungary goalkeeper Gabor Kiraly is retiring from the national team after 18 years and a record 107 matches.

Kiraly, known for playing in grey tracksuit bottoms in all weather conditions, led Hungary to the round of 16 at Euro 2016.

The 40-year-old said on his website that he will continue playing with hometown team Szombathelyi Haladas, but that playing in the national squad was now beyond him physically.

Kiraly said that the lack of rest between the Hungarian championship and the month-long preparations for Euro 2016 and then the tournament tired him.

He said: "I gave it my all but, in the meantime, my body signalled that this is the limit."

Kiraly broke Jozsef Boszik's record of 101 matches for Hungary in May.