Christian Panucci: Fabio Capello a 'disgrace' over Russian FA contract

Christian Panucci has branded Fabio Capello a "disgrace" for failing to act as his contract with the Russian Football Union (FUR) lapsed this summer.

The former Roma and Chelsea defender had been working as an assistant to Capello until his contract expired following the 2014 World Cup.

Although not offered a new contract, Panucci was asked by FUR if he would continue working alongside Capello and another assistant, Massimo Neri, who was also working for free following Russia's return from Brazil.

Panucci and Neri refused to report for a training camp earlier this month and both have now effectively ended their collaboration with FUR, who have also stopped paying Capello due to financial problems.

Capello does at least still have a contract, though, and Panucci feels he should have made a stance rather than just watching as his two assistants were asked to continue working for free.

"What can I say? We returned from Brazil and I was promised many times that my contract would be renewed, but there have never been any actions to follow the words," Panucci told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "I've been working without a contract, but in the end I said enough is enough.

"I even turned down another job for them. I thank [Capello] for the opportunity he gave me, but the way he behaved with me and all of his Italian staff was disgraceful.

"I will say it to his face when I see him next. A great coach should defend his own people, but he didn't do that."

The 41-year-old is now out of work after previously appearing on Sky television as a pundit prior to becoming director of sport at Palermo, a position he left after only a month due to differences of opinion with the Sicilian club's president Maurizio Zamparini.

That relationship was destined to fail with Zamparini and Panucci both famed for speaking their minds, as the latter has now done at Capello's expense.