Marotta blasts Inter as deal collapses

Juventus general manager Beppe Marotta has accused Inter Milan of "lacking seriousness" in the way they handled the prospective swap deal that would have seen Mirko Vucinic join Milan, with Fredy Guarin coming in.

Addressing the media at a news conference in Turin, Marotta slammed Inter, saying they had first agreed on a deal and then shifted the goalposts before the move broke down altogether.

"In 30 years dealing with the sale of players, I've never seen anything like it," he said. "They totally lack seriousness."

According to Marotta, Inter made the first move to sign Vucinic, with Juve then requesting Guarin in a swap deal.

"We even have an SMS from [Inter president Erick] Thohir to [Juventus president Andrea] Agnelli giving his consent," Marotta said. "We are still trying to find out what happened."

The last-minute change of mind on the part of Inter -- which came after some fans protested in front of the club's headquarters -- was met with disbelief in Turin.

However, Marotta said he was more disappointed for the two players, emphasising that both had their hearts set on the transfer.

"The most incredible thing about this is that never before in the history of football had a player left a club and emptied his lockers in the belief a deal had been done only to have to come back," Marotta said.

"These two players have been mistreated by Inter. Both had agreed conditions, both financially and in terms of the length of the contract."

Vucinic has been given two days off after meeting with Marotta, who explained: "The way things are, I don't think there are any conditions for him to go [to Inter]. He's very disappointed, and we've told him that Juve will never abandon him because we remain grateful for all he has done.

"Vucinic is a Juventus player. We don't have to consider him an ex-player of ours -- he's still one of us."