Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • 5th in UEFA European Championship Qualifying

Bosnia and Herzegovina Squad

Vladan KovacevicG211.85 m81 kg-000000000
Kenan PiricG251.8 m78 kg-000000000
Ibrahim SehicG301.91 m79 kgBosnia and Herzegovina3011500000
outfield players
Ermin BicakcicD291.85 m83 kgBosnia and Herzegovina3000101400
Eldar CivicD231.83 m73 kg-2000103210
Samir MemisevicD261.85 m77 kgBosnia and Herzegovina0000000000
Bojan NasticD251.83 m67 kg-0000000000
Toni SunjicD301.93 m87 kgBosnia and Herzegovina2000003000
Darko TodorovicD221.75 m68 kg-1000004200
Muhamed BesicD261.8 m78 kgGermany3000526000
Ervin ZukanovicM321.88 m83 kgBosnia and Herzegovina3000212100
Gojko CimirotM261.78 m73 kgBosnia and Herzegovina2000104000
Haris DuljevicM251.85 m82 kgBosnia and Herzegovina2000301400
Amer GojakM221.78 m73 kg-3300000000
Stjepan LoncarM221.88 m78 kg-0000000000
Deni MilosevicM241.83 m73 kgBelgium2210211000
Miralem PjanicM291.8 m72 kgBosnia and Herzegovina2011221401
Elvis SaricM291.8 m72 kg-1000003110
Edin ViscaM291.73 m67 kgBosnia and Herzegovina3011720210
Mario VrancicM301.88 m78 kgSerbia & Montenegro0000000000
Goran ZakaricM261.85 m76 kgBosnia and Herzegovina1000102200
Riad BajicF251.88 m83 kgBosnia and Herzegovina1100000000
Edin DzekoF331.93 m78 kgBosnia and Herzegovina30001310100
Smail PrevljakF241.88 m73 kg-0000000000


  • Name:Name
  • POS:Position
  • Age:Age
  • HT:Height
  • WT:Weight
  • NAT:Nationality
  • APP:Appearances
  • SUB:Substitute Appearances
  • G:Total Goals
  • A:Assists
  • SH:Shots
  • ST:Shots On Target
  • FC:Fouls Committed
  • FA:Fouls Suffered
  • YC:Yellow Cards
  • RC:Red Cards
  • SV:Saves
  • GA:Goals Against