Euro 2020 playoffs: All you need to know

Euro 2020 qualifying is almost over. Find out all you need to know for the playoffs draw.

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Which nations will take part in the Euro 2020 playoffs?

The playoffs were formed using UEFA Nations League performance, taking the best-performing nations who did not qualify automatically.

A draw was needed to decide which of Bulgaria, Israel, Romania, Hungary remained in League C to play Scotland, and which three moved up to join Iceland in League A, as eight League C nations qualified for a playoff.

League A: Iceland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary

League B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland

League C: Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Israel

League D: Georgia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus

What is the format and when will games be played?

Each of the four League paths will contain four teams. Each path will have two semifinals and a final. The winners of each of the four League finals will qualify for Euro 2020.

The semifinals will be played on Thursday, March 26, 2020.

The finals will take place on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

The standard kickoff time, as with the group stage, is 7.45 p.m. CET

What are the playoff fixtures?

League A
Iceland vs. Romania
Bulgaria vs. Hungary
HOME TEAM IN FINAL: Bulgaria or Hungary

League B
Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Northern Ireland
Slovakia vs. Republic of Ireland
HOME TEAM IN FINAL: Bosnia and Herzegovina or Northern Ireland

League C
Scotland vs. Israel
Norway vs. Serbia
HOME TEAM IN FINAL: Norway or Serbia

League D
Georgia vs. Belarus
North Macedonia vs. Kosovo
HOME TEAM IN FINAL: Georgia or Belarus

When will the venues be known?

Nations have until Dec. 20 to announce their chosen stadia for the semifinals and final.

How will the playoffs affect the finals draw?

Hosts Romania (Group C) and Hungary (Group F) were both drawn into Path A. This path must be paired with Path D, which has no host, so either Romania or Hungary can play in their host city, should they win the Path A playoff.

This is how it works:
- Group F (Hungary) has been drawn as the "priority group." This is effectively the same as the path winners being drawn into the group unless the other paired host qualifies
- It means the Path A winners go into Group F, and Path D winners into Group C
- If Hungary win the playoff, the draw is unaltered as they are already drawn into the Budapest group
- If Romania win the playoff, they will swap places with the League D playoff winners in Group C to be in their Bucharest host group
- If a team other other than Hungary or Romania wins the playoff, the draw is unaltered

What are the Euro 2020 finals fixtures?

The fixtures were decided by the Euro 2020 finals draw.

- Euro 2020 fixtures schedule: Check out every game

When is Euro 2020 and where is it played?

The finals will be hosted across Europe for this edition of the European Championship, running June 12 to July 12.

Group A: Stadio Olimpico, Rome (Italy) and Olympic Stadium, Baku (Azerbaijan)
Group B: Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg (Russia) and Parken Stadium, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Group C: Johan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Arena Naționala, Bucharest (Romania)
Group D: Wembley Stadium, London (England) and Hampden Park, Glasgow (Scotland)
Group E: San Mames, Bilbao (Spain) and Aviva Stadium, Dublin (Republic of Ireland)
Group F: Allianz Arena, Munich (Germany) and Ferenc Puskas Stadium, Budapest (Hungary)

Round of 16: Wembley Stadium, London (England), Parken Stadium, Copenhagen (Denmark), Arena Naționala, Bucharest (Romania), Johan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Aviva Stadium, Dublin (Republic of Ireland), San Mames, Bilbao (Spain), Ferenc Puskas Stadium, Budapest (Hungary), Hampden Park, Glasgow (Scotland)

Quarterfinals: Allianz Arena, Munich (Germany), Olympic Stadium, Baku (Azerbaijan), Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg (Russia), Stadio Olimpico, Rome (Italy)
Semifinals and final: Wembley Stadium, London (England)