It isn't normal that every Top 25 team keeps losing and more hot takes I can prove

Villanova pulls off close win vs. No.1 Kansas (1:26)

Villanova battles No. 1-ranked Kansas to the buzzer, forcing the Jayhawks to miss a last-second shot to seal a 56-55 win for the Wildcats. (1:26)

Another day, another No. 1 team losing. This time it was Kansas, falling to Villanova 56-55 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Saturday.

When the No. 1 team loses, people tend to react by saying this season is really wild. But is it?

The hot take here is that yes, pretty much, it is.

This Top 25 is losing more games than any Top 25 in years

Let's start with what you've doubtless already heard, courtesy of the excellent ESPN Stats & Information group. We have already had five different No. 1 teams this season: Michigan State, Kentucky, Duke, Louisville and Kansas. With the Jayhawks having lost their second game, the conventional wisdom says Gonzaga will become this season's sixth No. 1 team when the next AP poll is released.