Grant Hill donates $1.25M to Duke

Former Duke star Grant Hill made a $1.25 million donation Wednesday that will help his alma mater improve its athletic facilities and support the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences.

Of the seven-figure sum donated by Hill and his wife, Tamia, $250,000 will be used to support the Annual Fund for the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and the rest will be used to upgrade Duke's athletic facilities.

The university said in a release that it has raised $185 million to enhance Duke's athletic programs. The goal is to raise $250 million.

"Tamia and I are in a fortunate position to be able [to] give back to the university that did so much for me," said Hill, through the school's release. "In the 20 years since my graduation, I am certain that the academic environment, the coaches and staff, and every facet of being a student at Duke contributed to make me a better person."

Hill helped the Blue Devils win back-to-back national titles in 1991 and 1992 before he was selected with the third overall pick in the 1994 NBA draft.

"This generous gift from Grant and Tamia will enhance the college experience of many future Duke students across several disciplines, including athletics," athletic director Kevin White said in the release. "The fact that it comes from someone who is synonymous with the excellence that defines this great institution makes it even more special."

This is the second time that Hill and his wife have made a seven-figure contribution. They established a scholarship fund for Duke men's basketball with a $1 million donation in 2000.