New Mexico coach apologizes for skirmish with NMSU

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- New Mexico head coach Paul Weir apologized for the actions of some of his players before Tuesday's game against rival New Mexico State in Las Cruces.

Weir said in a statement Thursday that he was extremely disappointed and wanted to apologize to everyone at New Mexico and at NMSU. He said he was embarrassed and described the behavior as unsportsmanlike.

In addition, Lobos forward Corey Manigault, the team's third-leading scorer, did not play in Friday's 85-60 loss to Saint Mary's as a result of his role in the scuffle, according to Weir. Weir said it might just be a one-game suspension for Manigault but that he hadn't decided yet.

Neither Weir nor Aggies head coach Chris Jans witnessed the scuffle that ensued as the teams took the floor to warm up. They declined to talk about it much after the game, saying only that they would look into it.

Witnesses reported shoving and punches thrown between the teams.

The Aggies went on to rout the Lobos 100-65.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.