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Magic joins First Take

Magic hopes KD finds happiness after leaving Golden State


Magic stands by drafting Lonzo Ball


NBA's best

The three superstars who defined this NBA decade

Here's how LeBron, Steph and KD defined and dominated the 2010s.

ESPN Illustration

Did LeBron or Steph impact the 2010s more?

Scottie Pippen and Dave McMenamin give a slight edge to LeBron James over Steph Curry as the player who impacted this decade the most.


The absolute best shooters who reformed professional scoring

In a decade obsessed with shooting efficiency, these 10 players reformed the ways we look at scoring in pro basketball.

Clips did the right thing

Jefferson: 'Zero chance' Clippers regret high price for Kawhi Leonard, Paul George


Good to be a guard


Tony Parker: Today is the golden age for point guards


Breaking down the Warriors

Detail: Kobe Bryant breaks Down Steph Curry

Detail: Diana Taurasi breaks down Klay Thompson

Detail: Kobe Bryant breaks down Draymond Green

Kobe breaks down 2018 NBA Finals Game 4 with Kevin Durant

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'This is where I want to be'