LeBron James' savvy strategy to dominate at this age

How LeBron is still playing at an elite level as he gets older (2:14)

Kirk Goldsberry breaks down LeBron James' numbers compared with those of other active players and shows us how the King hasn't slowed down with age. (2:14)

After leading the Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA title in October, LeBron James is back at it, defending another league championship at the start of another new season.

But this year feels different. At the dawn of his 18th season of pro hoops, the sheer longevity of James' career is emerging as one of his most impressive feats. It also raises very real questions about how he can maintain his all-world level of play.

James' combination of greatness and mileage is unparalleled. And the way he manages that mileage will be a fascinating wrinkle in this season's title race.