Mike Tomlin, Ben Roethlisberger question discrepancy in officiating

PITTSBURGH -- The NFL said its officials wrongly flagged Browns defensive end Myles Garrett for roughing the passer, but the Steelers would like to see such transparency on another call that affected Sunday's overtime tie in Cleveland.

Officials reviewed but failed to grant the Steelers a punt recovery in the fourth quarter, despite the ball ricocheting off Browns running back Nick Chubb's helmet while covering Pittsburgh's punt. Steelers safety Sean Davis recovered the ball but, despite coach Mike Tomlin's challenge, officials deemed Davis simply downed it.

"Why that play was not corrected, I have no idea. Ask New York," said Mike Tomlin from his weekly news conference Tuesday. "They felt comfortable talking about the hit on Ben was inappropriately officiated. I'd be interested to see the comments regarding that play. I haven't taken time to ask because I've been busy preparing for Kansas City."

The NFL has not commented on the punt play, but NFL director of officiating Al Riveron told NFL Network this week that Garrett did not put all of his body weight on quarterback Ben Roethlisberger after knocking him down early in the second quarter.

Garrett's penalty negated a third-and-7 and led to a Steelers touchdown on the next play.

The league implemented new tackling rules this offseason aimed at improving player safety.

Roethlisberger said on his weekly radio show he had no problem with the hit, only why the league corrected it a day later and didn't discuss the punt. Several Steelers said they clearly saw the ball bounce off Chubb's helmet, and Browns safety Jabrill Peppers quickly lunged for the ball before Davis recovered it.

"I don't understand. Why do they need to come out and say that?" said Roethlisberger of the Garrett play. "They sure as heck didn't come out and say the ball hit [Chubb's] helmet on the punt. Every call that they make wrong in games, do they come out and say it? I don't understand that play in particular; they have to come out and say it was wrong."

Roethlisberger said he has become disenchanted with the increasing number of penalties leaguewide. The Browns-Steelers matchup drew 23 penalties for 203 yards, while Thursday night's Falcons-Eagles affair included 26 flags for 236 yards.

"They are all in the 20s. Every play is a flag," Roethlisberger said of Week 1. "I thought the point of reviewing plays is to get it right. That ball got that guy's helmet on the punt. It was crazy."