GM says Browns have plan for suspended Hunt

PHOENIX -- The Cleveland Browns have a plan in place for suspended running back Kareem Hunt up until his suspension begins, and then the NFL will take over, general manager John Dorsey said on Monday at the NFL's annual meetings.

"The NFL will set certain rules and once we understand those rules and restrictions, that's something we'll work through," Dorsey said. "But we've already laid the plan moving from here all the way to up to September, then we'll have to wait and see what the league says. Then we'll act accordingly."

Hunt was suspended eight games by the league for two violations of its personal conduct policy -- in a February 2018 incident when he was physically abusive with a young woman in the hallway outside his Cleveland apartment, and in a physical altercation at a bar in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, in June 2018.

"The league imposed it," Dorsey said. "We're going to live with it. We're not going to appeal it."

Hunt said he would not appeal as well. Dorsey said he is "most proud" of the effort Hunt is making to, as Dorsey has said, grow into the best version of himself he can be.

"I don't know if you all know this, but last week he was out in the community advocating certain things to young men and trying to mentor them moving forward," Dorsey said. "So he's continually trying to make himself the better version of Kareem Hunt, so he continually does that on a week-to-week basis."

Dorsey also said he expects receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to be present when the team's offseason program begins April 1. Beckham expressed his feelings about joining the Browns on social media on Sunday:

Beckham's tweet referred to Baker Mayfield's rookie mantra after wins. Dorsey said he has talked and texted with Beckham since the trade, and sensed no hesitancy from Beckham on coming to Cleveland.

"There's a genuine excitement there," Dorsey said. "There's familiarity with some teammates (Jarvis Landry was his teammate at LSU). There's familiarity with his position coach (Adam Henry). I'm sure he's ... he's got a relationship with Baker so I'm sure he's excited to be part of this new beginning for him."