Myles Garrett: 'I want to look like a Grecian god'

Behind the scenes of Myles Garrett's Body Issue shoot (5:12)

Browns DE Myles Garrett explains how his mom convinced him to pose for the ESPN Body Issue, and he pens a poem about his experience at the shoot. (5:12)

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Browns defensive end Myles Garrett has been making headlines for his impressive physique since -- well, since before he was a Browns defensive end. After his insane combine measurements and shirtless Pro Day workout went viral in 2017, Garrett was the No. 1 pick in the 2018 Draft and led the Browns in sacks (with seven) in his rookie year. Now, with a few new faces in his locker room and huge expectations on his team, Garrett sat down with The Body Issue to talk about the shoot, his teammates, and his Cinnabon habit.

How did you get approached to be in the BODY Issue?
Mother worked tooth and nail to get this for me.

I'm sorry, your Mother worked tooth and nail to get this for you?
Mi madre, yes. My Mother's responsible for me being naked in the desert. [We interrupt this interview for a brief message from Audrey Garrett, mother of Myles: "Oh, I pushed it. Myles has always worked on his body, he's very proud of it. And I like the artistic nature of the Body Issue. I've looked at it for many years and I said, 'As soon as Miles gets an opportunity, we got to get in there.']

So how did you prepare for this?
Keep on doing what I'm doing.

You didn't change anything?
You know, eating one less French toast. It's usually three -- now down to two. I tried one, but it's not filling enough.

So when this issue comes out in September, who do you think is going to have the most fun with it in the locker room?
Whew, you already know. The loudest mouth of them all. It's hard to say, now we have another one. So, it's either going to be Baker or Odell because they both love being all in your face.

Let's talk about that Browns locker room this year. Are you excited?
I'm excited, but at the end of the day you got to actually put thoughts into action. Odell, Baker, Jarvis, they all put in the work to make this year special. We just got to believe in each other. The D-line, we've all been at OTAs together; nobody's really missed any days so we're all really getting that chemistry. It's going to be a blood bath.

Did you ever play anything besides football?
In high school, I was a ball player. I wanted to be a hooper, I didn't really care about football. My coach said, I'm going to bring you over to beef the line. Initially, I was like, I'm going to be a receiver, catch some balls, go to basketball, and don't worry about this football thing. Then we had our first scrimmage and I dropped back (on D-line) and a guy comes across the middle and I light him up. I was like, I kind of love this.

Do you have any issues with your body? Any insecurities at all?
My obliques could be a little bit better; I should work on my side crunches.

Nine out of 10, or 10 out of 10, people would say that your physique is perfection. Is there a physique that inspires you?
I used to look at classic body builders like Lou Ferrigno or Arnold. I know it's probably not obtainable for me and it's probably not going to be functional on the field, but those kinds of things inspire me because that's kind of the peak of physical appearance.

I'm always striving for more and I always want to look like a Grecian God. I want to be at my best physical appearance just to know that I'm using all my God-given abilities. If you don't want to look like that, whatever is comfortable for you, whatever makes you happy, I say do it. Life's short. If you want to eat cake, if you want to eat Cinnabon, if you want to eat pizza, I'm there with you. I'll sit down there and eat with you.

If you knew it wouldn't affect your physique at all, how many Cinnabon could you eat?
Regular Cinnabon? I could probably eat six. I eat three easily so it's like another three wouldn't hurt.

Fill in the blank for me. Myles Garrett on the field is?

Myles Garrett off the field is?
A knucklehead.

How so?
I'm a ferocious and graceful but fun-loving knucklehead. I love going out hiking, playing games, bowling or playing laser tag. I'm just trying to explore the world one place at a time.

What part of your body gives you an advantage on the field?
I know people judge my feet, but I think they benefit me by allowing me to bend the edge when I stick my foot into the ground. They're like, "you got these big old flippers" and I'm like okay, you see that, but when I'm turning the edge like a motorcycle, then you understand.

What part of your body are you most proud of?
A lot of people make comments on my biceps, but my Dad gave me those. It was natural for me, but I had to work on the stomach and chest. That didn't come naturally. My brother used to call me a bird chest, so, it took a lot of push-ups.

How much of your physique is genetic and how much is discipline and hard work?
When I was a freshman in high school I was like 6-2, like 180 pounds. My coach said, you're going to work with me, I don't care if it's basketball season or track season, you're going to come with me after school and we're going to get in a session. By the end of my senior year, I was 245.

If you didn't play football anymore, in six months what would you weigh?
I would go to like 295 because I still want to eat. That French toast's not going to hurt. Then I'd look in the mirror like, 'oh, that ab is gone.' Then I'd start running. That's all I'd do; all that lifting would be gone. I'd probably get down to 220.

How important is sleep for you? How much sleep do you usually get a night?
Oh, this is team no sleep. None. During the season, I'll go to sleep between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. But during the offseason, I stream a little Twitch and make a little YouTube. Give people a little window into my life and end up staying up until 4:00 in the morning.

Take us through what you eat in a normal day.
On an off day it's time to get fat so, we go get three French toast and we'll go get some omelet, A real man's omelet, and some fruit. For dinner, we're going to get some steak and ribs. Timber Lodge. It's the best ribs you'll have. That's a promise. I can eat three racks and still eat more dinner. If I got practice the next day, I'm going to cool it, eat two racks. That might be my dinner with a side of vegetables. But if I don't have anything the next day, I can eat three racks, eat a Tomahawk steak with some mashed potatoes and a couple broccoli. I'll drink a couple glasses of water for lunch. Honestly, I just need two big meals.

You've said in the past that you like to write. What kind of things you like to write?
Mostly poems.

If I asked you to write a poem about your experience today, what would you say? Go!
A day filled with laughter and fun, surrounded by the hot California sun. With a mix of gracefulness, fun and class, I'll walk out of here -- get some steak, some sushi and free at last.