Discrimination suit against Lions by former video department employees resolved

The two former Detroit Lions video department employees who sued the team for alleged age and racial discrimination in their firings have reached a resolution in their arbitration case ahead of a hearing, a source told ESPN on Monday.

Robert Yanagi and Michael Richardson were both let go by the Lions in January 2018, part of a massive overhaul of staff since Bob Quinn took over as the team's general manager in January 2016.

Both had been longtime employees of the Lions at the time of their dismissal. Richardson began working for the club in 1989 and Yanagi in 2004.

The lawsuit said Richardson, who is African American, filed a complaint to the Lions' human resources department over racial comments made by another employee, and that Richardson was fired soon thereafter. The lawsuit also said Yanagi, who is Asian American and was the director of the video department, also asked the same employee to stop making comments about race.

The case was initially filed to the Wayne County Circuit Court on April 5, 2018, and eventually was moved outside of the court system for arbitration.

A nondisclosure agreement is preventing details from the resolution between the Lions and their former employees to be discussed.