Jacksonville Jaguars' Doug Marrone has no plans to fire defensive coordinator Todd Wash

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Jaguars coach Doug Marrone said he has no plans to fire defensive coordinator Todd Wash, despite the fact the Jaguars have one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

"As long as I'm here and I'm the head coach, yes, he's safe," Marrone said.

The Jaguars (1-5) had another embarrassing day on Sunday in a 34-16 loss to Detroit at TIAA Bank Field. The Lions gained 403 yards, including 180 yards on the ground. It's the fourth time in six games the Jaguars' defense has allowed 400 or more yards. And the Lions' 34 points marks the fifth consecutive game this season the defense has allowed 30 or more points, a franchise record and one game shy of tying the league record, per ESPN Stats & Information.

Marrone said Wash and the coaching staff have tried multiple things to fix a defense that is giving up 30.2 points per game, and it's the inability to make plays, and mental lapses, that are causing the problems. He cited the Lions' first two touchdown drives on Sunday as an example.

"I think we all have to get better. I'm going to acknowledge that," Marrone said. "We've tried to do everything. We've done things. We've worked on them. We've changed things up. We've pressured. We've played defense, I think, we need someone to step up and make plays. Like when you look at the first 17 points, there's two third downs, one we give up a scramble, one we go offsides, they keep the drive going, they score. Second one is we get knocked out of a gap and the guy goes 50 and then we get a DPI and they score. The field goal there was another big play, big pass play there. We just can't make the play on it.

"I think when you go talk about changes and things of that nature, I think if you have good options to go to but right now I don't see any options. We've just got to keep working to get these guys better and be able to make some plays and that's what's hurting us. It's not a lack of not trying to changing things, which we have been."

Marrone, however, might not have a say in the matter if owner Shad Khan decides that changes must be made. His job status is tenuous after the team's 26th loss in 38 games since the Jaguars reached the AFC Championship Game following the 2017 season. Khan could fire Marrone and Wash, or any combination of assistant coaches.

"I'm not going to be one of those guys to say that's not something that can happen. We see what happens around the league," Marrone said. "I acknowledge that, but at the same time it's something that I can't control. And I said it before: I really love the coaches we have and I love the players that we have on this team. And I look at that sense of relationship or the relationship that I have with them it's to make sure that I'm coming in and doing the best job I can to get everyone around me better for however long I maintain this position.