Buffalo Bills fans donate to local children's hospital in honor of Josh Allen's grandmother

Buffalo Bills fans collectively donated tens of thousands of dollars to Oishei Children's Hospital nearly overnight after it was announced that quarterback Josh Allen's grandmother had died Saturday night.

Bills coach Sean McDermott announced Allen's loss following the team's win Sunday over the Seattle Seahawks, and fans quickly rallied online to donate to Oishei, which Allen has long supported and has worked with multiple times since arriving in Buffalo.

Shortly after learning the news, fans online suggested donating to the hospital in increments of $17, representing Allen's jersey number. The suggestion took off, and eventually the hospital made a specific donation button for anyone wishing to participate.

As of Tuesday morning, more than $200,000 had been donated in honor of Allen's grandmother.

The Bills quarterback took note of his adopted city's charity Monday afternoon.

"At a loss for words," Allen wrote via Twitter. "Buffalo, I love you."

Oishei Children's Hospital thanked its donors and sent its condolences to Allen's family. As of Monday afternoon, the hospital is still accepting donations.

Allen and Oishei had most recently worked together when the grocery store Wegmans began selling "Josh's Jaqs" cereal in September, sending a portion of the proceeds to benefit the hospital.