15Will Tupou, FB
14Kotaro Matsushima, W
13Timothy Lafaele, C
12Ryoto Nakamura, C
11Kenki Fukuoka, W
10Yu Tamura, FH
9Yutaka Nagare, SH
1Keita Inagaki, P
2Shota Horie, H
3Jiwon Koo, P
4Luke Thompson, L
5James Moore, L
6Michael Leitch, FL
7Lappies Labuschagne, FL
8Kazuki Himeno, N8
16Atsushi Sakate, R
17Isileli Nakajima, R
18Asaeli Ai Valu, R
19Uwe Helu, R
20Hendrik Tui, R
21Fumiaki Tanaka, R
22Rikiya Matsuda, R
23Ryohei Yamanaka, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: International Stadium Yokohama
6:45 AM, October 13, 2019

Match Commentary

81'That's all from us. Thank you for following this historic game of rugby with ESPN.
81'Looking ahead to the next stage of this competition, let's not forget Japan edged out South Africa at the last World Cup in 2015, 32-24...
81'What a moment for Japan. Typhoon Hagibis has wreaked havoc across the nation this week, but today's rugby result provided further evidence of how sport can bring people together.
81'28-21 End of second half
80'Four wins from four for the hosts, including victories over Ireland and Scotland. Absolutely remarkable -- no one could have predicted this. Jamie Joseph's Japan top their pool with 19 points and will face South Africa in the quarterfinals. Pool A's second-placed team, Ireland (16 points), come up against New Zealand in the next round. Two belters on the cards.
80'Japan were creative and clinical in attack, they were stern in defence for long stretches of the game. Meanwhile, Scotland showed heart and quality to mount a second-half comeback, but fell short.
80'It's over. The hosts have done it!!! Scotland are eliminated. Japan are through to the quarterfinals of the 2019 World Cup in the greatest moment in their rugby history!
79'The noise coming from this Yokohama crowd has reached a crescendo.
78'Turnover and Japan have the ball with 60 seconds remaining.
77'Fukuoka receives the Man of the Match award.
77'Scotland have a scrum within reach of Japan's try line. Surely there's not enough time for them to score the points they need...
76'Scotland wisely kick it out of play. They need tries and that's what they're going for.
75'Five minutes left on the clock. Scotland failed to make anything of their last move, but have a penalty now.
75'Substitute on - Rikiya Matsuda , Japan
75'Player substituted - Ryoto Nakamura , Japan
74'More good work by Scotland. If they turn this phase into a try, we'll see a tense, tense finish.
73'Player substituted - Shota Horie , Japan
73'Substitute on - Atsushi Sakate , Japan
73'Player substituted - Michael Leitch , Japan
73'Substitute on - Hendrik Tui , Japan
72'Some lovely footwork and feinting from Russell for Scotland, but his move ends with a forward pass.
71'Nakajima of Japan deserves recognition at this point for the impact he's had for the hosts since coming on in the second half. He's ensured Japan have avoided complacency and he's kept things fresh.
70'Ten minutes left. Scotland require 15 points and to shut out the hosts if they are to advance out of this pool.
69'Scotland catch Japan's lineout, but Fukuoka storms in as the Scots work the ball to the right. He so nearly gains possession in a promising position.
67'It's all kicking off now. Ritchie takes issue with something done by Tamura and every player on the pitch gets involved. Scotland need to keep their heads. They're running out of time and need every player they have to help the cause.
67'Matsushima may just have been the hosts' best player today. He has run himself into the ground. Fukuoka is another who has excelled in this hugely important game.
66'Substitute on - Ryan Wilson , Scotland
66'Player substituted - Magnus Bradbury , Scotland
64'More back-and-forth action! Harris breaks free down the left and kicks forward. He can't quite collect the ball though as Matsushima beats him to it.
62'Scotland make a nice move to the left, but Peter Horne -- who is joined on the pitch by his brother George -- takes a heavy hit.
61'Worth noting that emerging victorious alone is not enough for Scotland; they must win by more than seven points to progress to the final eight at this Rugby World Cup.
61'Substitute on - Pete Horne , Scotland
61'Player substituted - Darcy Graham , Scotland
60'This is the most back-and-forth period of this Pool A fixture without a doubt. Twenty minutes remain. Whichever side scores the next try will likely emerge victorious.
57'Now it's the hosts who need to show some composure.
57'Player substituted - Keita Inagaki , Japan
57'Substitute on - Isileli Nakajima , Japan
56'28-21 Conversion - Finn Russell , Scotland
55'Scotland strike again! Replacement Fagerson is the man to score and after Laidlaw converts successfully once more, Scotland reduce the gap to just seven points...
55'28-19 Try - Zander Fagerson , Scotland
54'Many a substitution for Scotland now.
53'Scotland's Bradbury bulldozes a couple of Japan players on the right flank. The Scots are showing a bit more composure now. They're retaining the ball better. They'll still fear how clinical Japan have been today, though.
52'Player substituted - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
52'Substitute on - George Horne , Scotland
52'Substitute on - Scott Cummings , Scotland
52'Player substituted - Grant Gilchrist , Scotland
52'Player substituted - WP Nel , Scotland
52'Substitute on - Zander Fagerson , Scotland
52'Substitute on - Gordon Reid , Scotland
52'Player substituted - Allan Dell , Scotland
52'Substitute on - Blair Kinghorn , Scotland
52'Player substituted - Tommy Seymour , Scotland
52'Player substituted - Fraser Brown , Scotland
52'Substitute on - Stuart McInally , Scotland
52'Substitute on - Uwe Helu , Japan
52'Player substituted - James Moore , Japan
51'There's half an hour for Scotland to get the result they need. They trail by 14, but need to win by seven. There's a long way to go, but they'll be lifted by that try and conversion.
51'Player substituted - Will Tupou , Japan
51'Substitute on - Ryohei Yamanaka , Japan
51'Player substituted - Yutaka Nagare , Japan
51'Substitute on - Fumiaki Tanaka , Japan
51'28-14 Conversion - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
50'A huge try for Scotland. Tight-head prop Nel goes over from close range and captain Laidlaw makes an easy conversion. Japan's 21-point lead has been reduced to 14 again.
50'28-12 Try - WP Nel , Scotland
48'Ritchie looks to have a great chance to run past Japan's last line of defence, but the Scot stumbles! Scotland still on the ball, though.
47'Johnson surges through the middle and that's Scotland's brightest moment in this match for quite some time.
46'Fukuoka's second try of the day was Japan's fourth, meaning they're on course for a bonus-point win.
44'Tamura converts and Scotland -- who previously needed to win by four points -- now need to win by a SEVEN-POINT margin. They trail by 21.
44'28-7 Conversion - Yu Tamura , Japan
43'It's Fukuoka with another try, and once again there was just no way any Scottish player was going to catch him after he'd gotten going. He sprinted clear and went over with ease.
43'26-7 Try - Kenki Fukuoka , Japan
42'Scotland need a strong start to this second half if they are to... Oh my. This is unbelievable; Japan are running riot and extend their lead AGAIN.
42'Scotland need to win by four points to progress to the knockout stage of this World Cup. They trail by 14 as things stand.
41'The second half is underway. Japan are 40 minutes from the greatest win and moment in their history as a rugby nation.
41'+121-7 End of first half
41'+121-7 Conversion - Yu Tamura , Japan
40'Tamura may have missed both of his attempted penalties so far, but he's been faultless with his conversions. It's three from three and Japan head into the second half with a 21-7 lead. This has been an awesome display of rugby from the hosts.
40'Oh my word. Scotland's dream of quarterfinal qualification is being eclipsed by what is turning into a nightmare day for them in Yokohama. Fukuoka with a blistering run up the left flank, and there is no stopping him. Japan extend their lead to 19-7 with seconds remaining in the first half...
40'21-7 Start of second half
40'19-7 Try - Kenki Fukuoka , Japan
38'Silence falls over the stadium as Tamura lines it up... and he just misses! The kick from out on the right veers just narrowly to the left of the posts. That's two missed penalties from the Japan player now, but he has scored two conversions.
37'Tamura to take a penalty from a fair way out now...
36'Leitch is hauled down by three Scottish players. That's what it's taking to stop the Japan captain at the moment.
34'Japan with 73% territory so far.
34'It's been a while since Scotland were on the attack. There's still time to narrow or erase the deficit before half-time, but the Scots need to find an extra gear in order to do so.
32'That's not to say it should have been a sending-off for the Scotland lock; some fans of the sport will have found that to be very sensible refereeing.
31'And referee O'Keeffe says no red card. Gray will be feeling relieved right now.
30'Horie was the Japan player to get hit.
30'The TMO is checking for a high tackle from Scotland's Gray... The last thing Scotland need is a red card here.
29'Japan are playing fearless, sensational rugby right now.
27'Tamura again makes the conversion.
27'14-7 Conversion - Yu Tamura , Japan
26'12-7 Try - Keita Inagaki , Japan
25'Wow. It's a fantastic try from the hosts to take the lead for the first time today! Japan work it centrally and it's an astute pass from Thompson as he spins and falls just millimetres from the try line. Inagaki collects and goes over under the posts!
25'A nice run from Japan captain Leitch on the right flank, followed by some good work from his teammates. Tryscorer Matsushima is looking a real handful.
22'Also, a substitution from Japan there. Tight-head prop Koo was seemingly struggling with a rib issue before the scrum. He's visibly upset, but has no choice but to come off.
22'Scrum in the middle of the pitch and Scotland are ruled to have infringed. Japan celebrate as if they've scored a try. They are fired up in front of their home crowd.
22'Substitute on - Asaeli Ai Valu , Japan
22'Player substituted - Jiwon Koo , Japan
21'Nice work from Tamura to hold his nerve with that conversion under immense pressure and having missed a penalty minutes earlier.
20'Tamura's conversion squeezes just inside the left upright and the scores are level. If it wasn't already clear, the scoreboard now shows it -- we have a game on our hands in Yokohama. It's 7-7 after 20 minutes.
20'7-7 Conversion - Yu Tamura , Japan
18'Nevermind Tamura's missed kick... Japan will take a try instead! Lovely offload from Lafaele as he hits the deck on the left flank, and Matsushima bursts clear. The try was never in doubt once Japan's No. 14 got into space!
18'5-7 Try - Kotaro Matsushima , Japan
16'Tamura's kick falls just short and wide. It was a tricky one, but the Japan player will feel he could have gotten his side's first points of the day on the board there.
15'Nel tackles Horie with no arms involved and Japan have a penalty.
12'Scotland coach Gregor Townsend is looking on with a calm exterior. Inside, his heart must be pounding. He fought hard to ensure this match went ahead, and his team lead early on.
11'Nicely worked lineout from Japan. Brown and Ritchie defend as the hosts surge forward, and we'll have a ruck.
11'Japan go close, but Scotland clear. It will be a lineout for the hosts on the left.
10'Japan attack the left flank again and make it into the 22 with ball in hand for the first time today. Just 10 minutes in, but Scotland will advance as things stand.
8'Scottish captain Laidlaw makes the conversion. A solid start for Scotland.
8'0-7 Conversion - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
7'0-5 Try - Finn Russell , Scotland
6'Scotland survive Japan's early onslaught and open the scoring! It's a great run from Russell to break through a few Japanese players and go over for the try quite centrally.
5'Russell with a wonderful diagonal kick out to the right flank and Graham so nearly collects within metres of the try line! The bounce isn't favourable for the Scot, however, and Japan momentarily recover.
5'Japan are taking the game to Scotland. A draw would see the hosts progress to the quarterfinals, but it looks like they are very much out to win this game.
2'Nearly a dream start for Japan! Scotland's Russell with a misplaced kick and Seymour is forced to race back deep into his own half as Japan break! Seymour denies the hosts the chance to latch on to a loose ball in a promising position.
1'Scotland fail to control the kickoff and are immediately on the back foot, but manage to win a penalty within the first minute.
1'Referee Ben O'Keeffe blows his whistle and we're underway!
1'Next up are the nations' anthems. The atmosphere in Yokohama is quite something -- sadness at the effects of Typhoon Hagibis, but anticipation due to the prospect of Japanese qualification.
1'Here come the teams. There will be a moment's silence to pay tribute to those who have lost their lives as a result of this week's super typhoon.
1'Hello everyone and welcome to our Live Text Commentary of the Rugby World Cup Pool A fixture between hosts Japan and their opponents, Scotland. There are high stakes involved today, with the hosts in second place in the pool on 14 points and Scotland on 10 points in third place. If Japan win or draw, they will go through to the quarterfinals alongside Ireland. Scotland must win by four or more points to secure their spot in the final eight. After the disruption caused by Typhoon Hagibis threatened the cancellation of this fixture, Scotland will be relieved to have a shot at qualification and will be very motivated. But so will Japan, who surely never dreamed they'd have won three from three at this point, including an upset over the Irish, who dominated Scotland earlier in the competition. This one should be a cracker. It's just minutes away.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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