15Jayden Hayward, FB
14Edoardo Padovani, W
13Michele Campagnaro, C
12Luca Morisi, C
11Angelo Esposito, W
10Tommaso Allan, FH
9Tito Tebaldi, SH
1Andrea Lovotti, P
2Leonardo Ghiraldini, H
3Simone Ferrari, P
4Federico Ruzza, L
5Dean Budd, L
6Jimmy Tuivaiti, FL
7Maxime Mbanda, FL
8Braam Steyn, N8
16Luca Bigi, R
17Cherif Traore, R
18Tiziano Pasquali, R
19David Sisi, R
20Alessandro Zanni, R
21Guglielmo Palazzani, R
22Ian McKinley, R
23Tommaso Castello, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Stadio Olimpico
10:00 AM, February 24, 2019
Capacity: 82,307

Match Commentary

82' What next? We've got two weeks to wait for our next dose of Six Nations action as the sides head into another fallow week. When we come back on March 9th we start with a cracker in Edinburgh as Scotland host Grand Slam-chasing Wales at Murrayfield. That's followed by England vs Italy before Ireland play France on March 10th in Dublin. We'll see you then!

Ireland's Jacob Stockdale: "We're happy to get the bonus point but it's frustrating that we didn't put down as much of a marker as we'd hoped for.

"We've got two wins out of three and we're just now focusing on the next game.


Fantasy Rugby: Check your scores!

Conor Murray is your Fantasy Rugby player of the day after his second-half try contributed to a 15-point haul. It's also a good day for any Fantasy Rugby managers who had Quinn Roux or Keith Earls in their team -- they both scored 10 points.

82'Ireland's Peter O'Mahony: "We knew how difficult it is coming to Rome and playing Italy. We always get a physical battle. They're a super rugby team and Conor O'Shae has done an incredible job. They're always very dangerous, especially in the first 60 minutes.

"It's tough to win away in the Six Nations and we've now done it twice."

82'What a strange game! Ireland come away with a bonus-point win after scoring four tries, but they were far from their best. Italy made a game of it and led at half time but were unable to add any further points in the second half. Ireland go third while Italy stay bottom.
81'Missed penalty Tommaso Castello's kick from the touchline goes wide of the posts. That'll be it, right? Not yet. Stockdale catches the kick and tries to run it back for Ireland's fifth. He gains some ground but is caught by Italian defenders before he can offload the ball to Earls. The ball is then knocked-on and that will be that. Ireland win.
81'Italy win another penalty following the lineout and now thy have a decision to make: Go for the try or go for the posts to clinch the losing bonus point? They're kicking at goal...
81'The Italians then win a penalty and will have a lineout just outside Ireland's 22.
81'Carty's kick downfield does not find touch and Italy will come back with the ball.
81'+416-26 End of second half
80'Ireland continue to keep possession as the clock ticks into the red.
78'Player substituted - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
78'Substitute on - Jack Carty , Ireland
77'Nice moment now for fly-half Jack Carty who comes onto the field for Johnny Sexton to win his first Ireland cap. Peter O'Mahony has been named today's man of the match.
76'Ireland are keeping possession in the middle of the pitch. We're now into the last five minutes.
74'Italy get up to the Ireland 5 metre line following a flowing move down the right wing but Ireland regather on their tryline and win the ball back at the breakdown. Sexton clears.
74'Player substituted - Niall Scannell , Ireland
74'Substitute on - Sean Cronin , Ireland
74'Substitute on - Ian McKinley , Italy
74'Player substituted - Tommaso Allan , Italy
72'Ireland win the ball back from the lineout following good work from Jordi Murphy and Peter O'Mahony. Ireland then clear to halfway.
72'Substitute on - Tommaso Castello , Italy
72'Player substituted - Michele Campagnaro , Italy
71'Substitute on - John Cooney , Ireland
71'Player substituted - Conor Murray , Ireland
70'Ireland are penalised for a high tackle on Campagnaro and Allan kicks into touch in the corner.
68'That was Ireland's fourth try, by the way, which secures their bonus point. That was probably expected before the game started. What wasn't was Italy scoring two tries of their own and leading at half time. There's still time for Italy to earn a losing bonus point.
68'16-26 Conversion - Conor Murray , Ireland
Italy are made to pay for not keeping possession! Ireland's second lineout is far more effective as they spark a maul and drive towards the line and it's Conor Murray who stretches over to ground the ball and increase Ireland's lead. Murray then adds a further two points from the tee.
67'16-24 Try - Conor Murray , Ireland
66'Ireland lose possession at the lineout but get another opportunity after Italy spill the ball out of play.
65'Italy comes away from the scrum with the ball. They work it up to halfway before Ireland turn it over and Italy concede the penalty at the ruck. Sexton kicks into touch and Ireland will have the lineout 15 metres out from the Italy line.
63'Player substituted - Tadhg Furlong , Ireland
63'Substitute on - John Ryan , Ireland
63'Player substituted - Dave Kilcoyne , Ireland
63'Substitute on - Jack McGrath , Ireland
61'Wow, look at that speed from Keith Earls! The winger runs a line inside and is a fed the ball on the halfway line before he accelerates clear. He looks as if he has enough juice to make the line but is caught by two Italian defenders 10 metres out. Stockdale offers support on Earls' left but the pass is spilled and Italy will restart with a scrum.
61'Player substituted - Andrea Lovotti , Italy
61'Substitute on - Cherif Traore , Italy
59'A clever kick into touch from Tebaldi gets Italy up the field. Ireland take the lineout inside their 10 quickly and they will look to build from deep.
58'Ireland looked to maul from the lineout but Murray is stripped of position as they tried to work it wide and Italy have the ball back.
58'Ireland work the ball into Italy's half before the home side concede a penalty at the breakdown. Sexton kicks for touch and Ireland have the lineout in a promising position.
58'Substitute on - Josh van der Flier , Ireland
58'Player substituted - Sean O'Brien , Ireland
58'Substitute on - Iain Henderson , Ireland
58'Player substituted - Quinn Roux , Ireland
55'Italy collapse the scrum and Sexton kicks downfield.
54'The teams swap possession in midfield before Italy quicken things up with a risky Michele Campagnaro pass out wide to Padovani, who us unable to find Federico Ruzza on his outside. That was a chance, but the move breaks down following a knock-on and Ireland will have the scrum inside their 22.
52'Substitute on - David Sisi , Italy
52'Player substituted - Jimmy Tuivaiti , Italy
52'Player substituted - Simone Ferrari , Italy
52'Substitute on - Tiziano Pasquali , Italy
52'16-19 Conversion - Conor Murray , Ireland
Despite strong defending from Italy, Ireland stayed patient and get the rewards. They recycled the ball through their forwards before it was worked wide to Keith Earls, who ducked back inside two Italian challenges for the score. Murray converts.
51'16-17 Try - Keith Earls , Ireland
48'Ireland couldn't get anything going so play comes back. Murray quickly taps the ball and Ireland start again.
48'Player substituted - Sean Cronin , Ireland
48'Substitute on - Niall Scannell , Ireland
47'Stockdale bursts forward and suddenly Ireland are in the Italy 10...They've got the advantage, too.
47'Murray makes a break inside and offloads to Tadhg Furlong. Italy think they've won it back but concede the penalty for an offside. Sexton kicks into touch and Ireland have the lineout inside Italy's 22.
45'Italy get things going by working it left to winger Angelo Esposito from the scrum and driving back inside. Ireland turn the ball over on their 22 after Italy concede a penalty at the breakdown and Sexton clears.
44'It's been a slow start to the half and we're still waiting for Italy to set the scrum, but you'd imagine that the home side don't mind that the clock is ticking...
43'Player substituted - Maxime Mbanda , Italy
43'Substitute on - Alessandro Zanni , Italy
42'Italy have a penalty after Kearney knocks-on from Tebaldi clearing kick. Italy have the scrum inside Ireland's half.
41'Italy restart play with an early scrum on the halfway line.
41'Right, here we go. What a 40 minutes this could be for Italian rugby. Remember that they have lost their last 19 Six Nations matches and have not won since they beat Scotland in 2015...
41'16-12 End of first half
40'What a half-time scoreline we have here...
40'16-12 Start of second half
Italy are ahead! Ireland turned the ball over after they tried to maul from the lineout and Tebaldi brings it out from the back before kicking forward to Padovani. Italy can't score in the right corner so they go left and eventually work it towards Luca Morisi on the opposite flank, who drives over despite some desperate Ireland defending. What a moment for the home side! Allan's conversion is wide but the Italians don't care as the head into half time in front.
39'Substitute on - Ultan Dillane , Ireland
39'Player substituted - Iain Henderson , Ireland
39'16-12 Try - Luca Morisi , Italy
35'Ireland haven't been good this half but have the ball back in Italy's with a lineout just outside the 22.
What a move from Italy! It's Edoardo Padovani who finishes it off but Jayden Hayward started the play after Ireland lost the ball from their own lineout. Hayward got up to the 5 metre line before Italy worked it wide into space for Padovani on the right, who is able to walk the ball in. Allan's conversion from the touchline is wide.
33'11-12 Try - Edoardo Padovani , Italy
32'Player substituted - Ultan Dillane , Ireland
32'Substitute on - Iain Henderson , Ireland
31'Italy are finding some joy and are getting behind the Ireland defence, but turnovers and penalties are costing them.
29'What a break from Tebaldi! The scrum half sees a gap in the Ireland defence is is suddenly clear with only fullback Rob Kearney to beat. He opts for the chip and chase but Kearney holds his ground and Tebaldi runs straight into him. Ireland recover the ball on their 5 metre line and clear, but Italy came straight back.
27'Ireland win the ball back from the restart after Stockdale rises highest on the left wing. It looks to be a carbon copy of Ireland's second try, but Italy get back and turn it over by forcing the penalty.
26'Italy reduce Ireland's lead to six.
26'6-12 Penalty goal - Tommaso Allan , Italy
25'Italy win a scrum inside Ireland's half and start to build inside their 22. Play breaks down following a wayward pass out wide to Edoardo Padovani. Italy then win the penalty advantage, which comes to nothing as Tebaldi's grubber kick goes long, so the play comes back and Allan will kick at goal from a central position.
You can't afford to give Jacob Stockdale those kind of opportunities. Italy spill Sexton's restart and Stockdale seizes upon the bouncing ball on the left wing. The winger scoops it up and beats a couple of Italy defenders before powering across the line. Sexton's kick from the touchline goes wide of the right post.
21'3-12 Try - Jacob Stockdale , Ireland
Straight through the posts from Allan.
20'3-7 Penalty goal - Tommaso Allan , Italy
19'Nice play from Italy, they work themselves up to the Ireland tryline but Tebaldi is stopped just short. Italy then force the penalty and Allan will kick for goal again.
17'Allan's kick from the halfway line was short of the posts, but Italy win the ball back and come again.
16'Ireland concede a silly penalty after turning the ball over and Tommaso Allan will kick at goal from a long way out.
16'Ireland almost score their second try after good work from Keith Earls, who cuts inside on a line at halfway and drives forward before chipping a kick left towards the onrunning substitute Andrew Conway. Italy were able to clear up before Conway touched down.
14'Italy concede a penalty from a ruck following the restart. Sexton clears into touch and brings the play up to halfway.
12'Substitute on - Andrew Conway , Ireland
12'Player substituted - Bundee Aki , Ireland
12'0-7 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
And eventually their pressure pays off! Chris Farrell made the initial break towards the line after Ireland were camped 10 metres out. He was stopped just short, but Quinn Roux took up possession and it's he who comes away with the score. Sexton converts from under the posts.
11'0-5 Try - Quinn Roux , Ireland
10'Ireland advance a further 10 metres and are building up the phasses. Up to 17 now.
9'Aki makes a break from the lineout and Ireland build into Italy's half. They're back into the 22.
8'Italy win the scrum and Tebaldi clears into touch.
8'Italy concede another penalty following the lineout, this time for collapsing the maul. Once again Sexton kicks for touch downfield. Ireland win the lineout and start to drive towards Italy's line, but this time it's Ireland who give away the penalty and Italy will have a scrum inside their 22.
5'Italy concede a penalty from the scrum and Sexton kicks for an Ireland lineout on the 5-metre line, but Ireland's set-piece goes horribly wrong and Italy's Tito Tebald is able to run the ball out across his tryline before he gains 60 metres with a booming kick downfield into touch.
3'It's been a scrappy start so far from Ireland. From the lineout Murray knocks on and Italy will restart with a scrum inside their half.
1'Bundee Aki forces the turnover but play restarts with an Italian lineout on the right wing. Italy then work the ball up to the Ireland 22 before they concede a penalty at the breakdown. Johnny Sexton kicks into touch.
1'Italy kick off and go long into Ireland's half. Conor Murray hooks clear and Italy look to build into Ireland's half with ball in hand.
1' The teams are out Here come the national anthems!
1'Fantasy Rugby: Players to watch If you're an ESPN Fantasy Rugby manager, you may have highlighted this fixture as this weekend's big, point-scoring opportunity. Look no further than Ireland wingers Jacob Stockdale and Keith Earls to bag some points, while Sexton is at No. 10 would be a smart selection at kicker against Italy. Remember to check your scores and see how you've got on so far this weekend.
1'No Parisse, no party?

Italy have made five changes to their starting XV, the most significant is in the back row where Braam Steyn shifts to No. 8 in place of captain Sergio Parisse, who is out with concussion.

Maxime Mbanda steps in as flanker and Jimmy Tuivaiti is also in the back row as he replaces Sebastian Negri, who has failed to overcome illness.

Leonardo Ghiraldini is named as captain in Parisse's absence while Federico Ruzza comes in at lock after impressing from the bench against Wales two weeks ago.

Andrea Lovotti is preferred at tighthead prop and Benetton No. 9 Tito Tabaldi returns in place of Guglielmo Palazzini at scrum-half.

1'Ireland make four changes

Ireland have made four changes from the side that defeated Scotland in Edinburgh two weeks ago but have stuck with a strong team for the clash against Italy.

Sean Cronin receives his first Six Nations start at hooker in place of Rory Best, who is rested, while Dave Kilcoyne also starts in the front row.

Jordi Murphy is included in the back row and Ultan Dillane will make his Six Nations debut at lock.

Jonny Sexton was an injury worry during the week after being forced off during the Scotland match but is fit enough to start at No. 10.


Good afternoon and welcome to ESPN's live commentary of Italy vs. Ireland in the Six Nations.

It's the final match of the third-round weekend and Ireland have the opportunity to go third in the Six Nations table with a win.

For Italy, any point will do. The Italians are on a losing streak of 19 matches in the Six Nations and face a challenging afternoon against the defending champions.

Kick off is at 3:00 p.m. GMT.

1'0-0 Start of first half

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