15Liam Williams, FB
14George North, W
13Jonathan Davies, C
12Hadleigh Parkes, C
11Josh Adams, W
10Gareth Anscombe, FH
9Gareth Davies, SH
1Rob Evans, P
2Ken Owens, H
3Tomas Francis, P
4Adam Beard, L
5Alun Wyn Jones, L
6Josh Navidi, FL
7Justin Tipuric, FL
8Ross Moriarty, N8
16Elliot Dee, R
17Nicky Smith, R
18Dillon Lewis, R
19Jake Ball, R
20Aaron Wainwright, R
21Aled Davies, R
22Dan Biggar, R
23Owen Watkin, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Principality Stadium
10:45 AM, March 16, 2019
Capacity: 74,500

Match Commentary

81'There will be plenty more reaction here on ESPN, but for now its congratulations to Wales - Six Nations champions 2019!
81'Wales in the end then were dominant, decisive and deserving champions.

81'Conversion made by Jack Carty but Wales won't worry. They are champions and Grand Slam winners!
81'+325-7 End of second half
81'+225-5 Try - Jordan Larmour , Ireland
81'+325-7 Conversion - Jack Carty , Ireland
80'Gareth Stockdale breaks for Ireland and nearly reaches the line. Ireland end up centimetres away and eventually Jordan Larmour has the ball in midfield in space and gets over the line.
80'Ireland have a final chance for a little pride as they win a penalty and kick to touch. All academic now though.
79'The scrum goes down again and again as time ticks away.
77'Wales will not budge! Eventually there's a knock-on and Wales clear their lines. They chase like they have all day - with intensity - and hold up Ireland in midfield for a penalty. It will be nil points for Ireland and a Grand Slam for Wales in just two minutes time.
76'Wales are winding the clock down here with offsides and penalties. They are no good to Ireland now, who need tries.
75'Ireland win another penalty and kick to touch again through replacement fly-half Carty. Good line out and they drive forward. The pack desperately look to get over from two metres. Wales won't budge and force Ireland through 15 phases, but it will be another penalty.
73'Substitute on - Jack Carty , Ireland
73'Player substituted - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
71'But the celebrations will start getting going soon. Another chorus of "Bread of Heaven". Ireland have a penalty, which they kick to touch. Both Sexton and Murray are off by the way.
71'Player substituted - Adam Beard , Wales
71'Substitute on - Jake Ball , Wales
71'Substitute on - Aaron Wainwright , Wales
71'Player substituted - Ross Moriarty , Wales
71'Substitute on - Kieran Marmion , Ireland
71'Player substituted - Conor Murray , Ireland
71'Substitute on - Owen Watkin , Wales
71'Player substituted - Hadleigh Parkes , Wales
70'Almost a muted atmosphere now. At this point you would have thought Wales would need that home crowd a bit more than they do. In reality this has been so dominant the fans could almost feel a bit shortchanged.
70'25-0 Penalty goal - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
69'Through it goes.
68'Penalty Wales. Andrew Porter is off his feet at the ruck. By his standards today this is another routine kick for Anscombe.
65'Ireland going nowhere in the middle. A couple of box kicks from Murray eventually put Sexton in a decent position but he loses it and Josh Adams breaks for Wales. He kicks forward. Ireland field it but Earls is forced to kick into touch and Wales are back in Irish territory again.
65'Player substituted - Rob Kearney , Ireland
65'Substitute on - Jordan Larmour , Ireland
65'Substitute on - Andrew Porter , Ireland
65'Player substituted - Tadhg Furlong , Ireland
65'Substitute on - Niall Scannell , Ireland
65'Player substituted - Rory Best , Ireland
64'But that is a really good Ireland scrum. They power through the Welsh pack and win the penalty. Sexton hits touch and they have the line-out.
61'More joy for Wales. Loose from Conor Murray in midfield and Wales kick his nervy pass towards the Ireland line. Keith Earls slides in but carries it over his own line. Wales scrum on five metres. Could be nails in the coffin time for Ireland (and England).
61'Substitute on - Elliot Dee , Wales
61'Player substituted - Ken Owens , Wales
59'Bread of Heaven rings around the Principality as Ken Owens, who has been excellent, comes off.
59'Substitute on - Quinn Roux , Ireland
59'Player substituted - Tadhg Beirne , Ireland
59'Substitute on - Dave Kilcoyne , Ireland
59'Player substituted - Cian Healy , Ireland
57'Good Ireland set-up. They try to drive forward. Wales resist. Super turn-over by Tipuric. Ireland get the ball back again but there's a clear knock-on and Wales have the scrum.
57'Substitute on - Aled Davies , Wales
57'Player substituted - Gareth Davies , Wales
56'But hold on! Wales lose the line-out and Conor Murray snipes in. He wriggles towards the line but can't get it over. Still Ireland have a line-out on the 5-metre line. Big chance...
55'Pick-and-go off a scratchy line-out. Ireland get to within five metres. Wales push them back. Can Sexton break the line? No he can't. Horrible miscommunication. He throws the ball out of play and Wales keep their very healthy lead.
55'Ireland need something and fast. They win a penalty and kick to touch in the Wales 22. Big line-out this...
54'Substitute on - Dillon Lewis , Wales
54'Player substituted - Tomas Francis , Wales
54'Player substituted - Rob Evans , Wales
54'Substitute on - Nicky Smith , Wales
54'22-0 Penalty goal - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
53'Again perfect! Wales have one hand on the title.
52'Another Wales penalty. CJ Stander makes a good tackle on Alun Wyn Jones but is then trapped in the maul and can't rolll away. Anscombe has another chance for points...
52'Substitute on - Jack Conan , Ireland
52'Player substituted - Sean O'Brien , Ireland
51'Good break from Gareth Davies but Ireland do well to turn-over. Wales tackle and tackle again - great intensity from Warren Gatland's side. Eventually Conor Murray under pressure makes little ground with his kick to touch.
49'Hmm. Johnny Sexton is having a bit of a nightmare here. His kick-off drifts beyond the Wales line and rolls out. Wales scrum on half-way.
49'And he just about makes it 5 from 5. Big problems for Ireland.
49'19-0 Penalty goal - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
48'Wales again press at the resulting scrum but Ireland clear. Wales kick back at them, then win another penalty as Cian Healy is ruled to have come in from the side of the maul. Tough one on Ireland that, but Anscombe won't care. He sizes up the posts again...
45'Better defence from Ireland. Wales are inventive from the line-out but Ireland stand firm and ensure no penalties are given away before forcing a penalty.
43'More error-strewn play from Ireland after they win their own scrum on half-way Bundee Aki runs into traffic and Sexton is then forced into kicking out on the full. Wales line-out in Irish territory.
42'And immediately a Wales penalty in midfield. Alun Wyn Jones does well to keep his hands on the ball as Ireland look to progress. It's a scrum.
41'Here we go then! Sexton kicks into the rain for the beginning of the second half.
41'This was Cardiff a few hours before kick-off. If this carries on it will be just a bit more boisterous in 40 minutes. Second half coming up in a few moments.
41'Now believe it or not there was a Six Nations match earlier today. France closed out their up and down campaign with a narrow win over Italy to stretch the Azzurri losing run. For a full report click here
41'I mentioned that outburst from Sexton. Looks like it was aimed at referee Angus Gardner, but the fact his side are so far behind in this one probably has some impact too.

41'Same again! Brutally efficient from Wales. They are half-way there.
41'+116-0 End of first half
41'+116-0 Penalty goal - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
40'Penalty Wales! Ireland collapsed the scrum. Just what the doctor ordered for the dominant home side. Johnny Sexton gives the cameras an insight into his feelings - huge frustration. Anscombe again...
40'16-0 Start of second half
39'Wales work through the phases then Ryan knocks on. Wales have the scrum and a final chance to score before the break (if they want it).
38'Dan Biggar takes a brilliant catch from a high-kick in the Ireland half but is pushed out of play and Ireland have the line-out. Murray clears into touch but he had taken the ball back into the 22 and puts it out on the full so Wales have a line-out in attacking position.
36'13-0 Penalty goal - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
35'Anscombe is having a nice time out there isn't he? Another unerring kick dissects the posts and gives Wales more daylight.
34'Nothing comes from that chance as Wales give away a penalty. Ireland clear their lines and from the resulting line-out Wales look to break. Tadgh Beirne is offside this team and Wales have a penalty. It's kickable, nice and central and near the 10-metre line...
30'It's super game management from Wales. From the resulting scrum they win a penalty. Biggar kicks into touch in the Ireland 22 and from deep in their own half they have executed beautifully to get into attacking mode. Very clever rugby.
30'And Ireland then knock on after a scrappy line-out. Wales have a scrum on half-way.
29'Wales win the scrum and Jonathan Davies slots a very calm kick towards half-way, nicely relieving some of the pressure on the leaders.
27'The scrum is right in the middle of the pitch 10 metres short of the Wales line. A great platform for Ireland, but they blow it. After winning a free-kick CJ Stander tries to go quickly and shins the ball forward off his own player. Wales now have the scrum.
25'Crouch, bind, set! Wales solid then slightly rushed into a clearance. Josh Adams manages to smash it away but Ireland come back. Conor Murray flits around the breakdown repeatedly. Wales hold up play and it's another scrum deep in Wales territory, but this team Ireland have the put-in.
24'James Ryan catches the line-out. Big drive from the pack but Wales batter it back and win Adam Beard turns it over. Ireland have the put-in at the scrum. It's near their own line, but they'll be delighted with that.
23'Ireland work it well off the line-out and have the advantage after Wales collapse the maul. Sexton has a chance from wide and he decides to hit the corner. First real chance for Ireland...
19'Wales are purring. CJ Stander is pinged for offside and Dan Biggar puts a little kick over the top in a free play. But then some handbags as Gareth Davies hits Bundee Aki on the floor and that means the penalty is reversed. Ireland get out of jail.
18'Gareth Anscombe puts it slap-bang through the middle. That's three more points.
18'10-0 Penalty goal - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
16'Tit for tat in midfield. Finally Dan Biggar smashes a high kick wide. Liam Williams scampers after it and at the breakdown Johnny Sexton is penalised for being off his feet. Penalty to Wales.
12'Ireland then turn-over at the line-out and win a penalty after a high tackle by Navidi. That's finally some encouragement after a difficult start.
11'Ireland refuse to budge and after 17 phases turn it over through Tadhg Beirne. Rob Kearney clears his lines. Brave defence from the Irish.
10'Alun Wyn Jones nonetheless takes the lineout deep in Ireland territory and they have another chance. Ken Owens makes yards. They're within five metres...
9'Nasty image of George North's injury. His wrist is at a very unpleasant angle when he gets treatment. Not great. Meanwhile Alun Wyn Jones is also struggling -- he needs heavy strapping after hurting his knee. Walking wounded for Wales.
9'George North has a problem with his arm and it looks as if his afternoon is done. Dan Biggar is on. A reshuffle for Wales and Anscombe moves to full-back.
9'Player substituted - George North , Wales
9'Substitute on - Dan Biggar , Wales
7'This was the response to that Wales try at Twickenham...

6'Suddenly an Ireland break! Johnny Sexton gets Jacob Stockdale away. He's nearly clear but Hadleigh Parkes grabs him after a foot race just in time and makes the tackle. Breathless!
5'Ireland exert huge pressure and turn it at the scrum, but then give the ball away and Anscombe smashes forward into space. Keith Earls gathers and is then tripped. Ireland ball.
3'Now it's a big test for Ireland. They respond with a spell of possession in the Welsh half with a little thrust but then Cian Healy knocks-on to give Wales the ball back.
3'7-0 Conversion - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
2'And what about this! Wales instantly wrestle Ireland into touch to earn a line-out in the Irish 22. Alun Wyn Jones wins it and Wales move infield. After gaining yards, Anscombe drops a beautiful kick in behind. Hadleigh Parkes catches and goes over. What a start!
2'5-0 Try - Hadleigh Parkes , Wales
1'Wales kick off. Gareth Anscombe smashes the ball deep into Irish territory...
1'Stirring stuff as "Ireland's Call" and "Land of My Fathers" ring out from all corners. The stage is set.
1'And we're out. Rain on the camera lens. Smoke from fireworks in the air. The anthems coming but first a minute's silence for the tragic events in New Zealand.
1'The teams are in the tunnel. If you missed the team news earlier this week, here is a refresher.

The roof is open at the Principality Stadium this afternoon despite the threat of some pretty heavy wind and rain. Earlier this week Ireland demanded an open roof after Wales allegedly went behind their backs to ask for it to be closed. Usually both teams have to agree on using the roof. The whole affair has added just a hint of bite.
1'So here are the permutations:

If Wales win they secure the Grand Slam and win the Six Nations.

If Ireland win without a bonus point and then England beat Scotland, Eddie Jones side are champions.

If Ireland win with a bonus point and England win without one, it comes down to points difference and England have a huge 64-point advantage so will almost inevitably be champions.

If Ireland win in Cardiff and England lose at Twickenham, Ireland take the title.

If Wales and Ireland draw and England win, England win the Six Nations.

If both games end in a draw, Wales are champions.

Confused? So am I, We'll muddle through if we get there.
1'Welcome to ESPN's penultimate live commentary of the Six Nations on Super Saturday.

Cardiff has, as always, come alive on match-day but this one is bigger than most. Warren Gatland's side are on a remarkable 13-game unbeaten streak and the vociferous Welsh fans are more expectant than nervous.

Ireland have at times stuttered through their campaign since an opening loss to England, but they have kept winning and know another victory gives them just a glimmer of a chance. It's beautifully poised.
1'Time now for the main event. The Grand Slam is on for Wales as they face Ireland in Cardiff, and of course a win secures the Six Nations title for Warren Gatland's side. The Irish are here to spoil the party on St Patrick's weekend and keep alive their slim hopes of a fourth title in six years. Across the border England are waiting with baited breath, aware that a Wales loss opens the door for them to squeak through and take the title against Scotland. If you're looking for a proper sporting finale this afternoon you're in the right place!
1'0-0 Start of first half

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