15Elliot Daly, FB
14Jack Nowell, W
13Henry Slade, C
12Manu Tuilagi, C
11Jonny May, W
10Owen Farrell, FH
9Ben Youngs, SH
1Ben Moon, P
2Jamie George, H
3Kyle Sinckler, P
4Joe Launchbury, L
5George Kruis, L
6Mark Wilson, FL
7Tom Curry, FL
8Billy Vunipola, N8
16Luke Cowan-Dickie, R
17Ellis Genge, R
18Dan Cole, R
19Brad Shields, R
20Nathan Hughes, R
21Ben Spencer, R
22George Ford, R
23Ben Te'o, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Twickenham
1:00 PM, March 16, 2019
Capacity: 82,000

Match Commentary

81'Talk about an impressive way to round off the Six Nations! It's been a memorable tournament for sure.

After everything Wales are the Grand Slam winners.

England and Ireland will look back on disappointing campaigns that looked unlikely after such good times during the November internationals.

France as always go from disarray to decent in the blink of an eye, while Scotland seem to constantly be in games but just can't convert that to wins. And Italy are still behind them all.

In 187 days they all head to Japan for the start of the Rugby World Cup. There's plenty more reaction to come on ESPN.co.uk. Bye for now!
81'Right, time to calm down and take a breath. If you haven't quite got your head around everything that happened there, take a look at the match report for that frankly ridiculous 80 minutes of rugby.
81'Penny for the thoughts of the defence coaches? John Mitchell (England) and Matt Taylor (Scotland) have some work to do before the World Cup on today's evidence...
81'So Scotland retain the Calcutta Cup but will be absolutely desolate after coming so so close to a first win at Twickenham in 36 years.

England are left asking how in the world they let a 31-point lead slip, but might just breathe a sigh of relief to have not lost.

After all that one thing is for certain -- that was the highest-scoring draw in international rugby history, and in some way it doesn't do much for either side.
81'Game of two halves anyone?
81'+338-38 End of second half
81'+236-38 Try - George Ford , England
81'+338-38 Conversion - George Ford , England
80'Ford converts. It's a draw -- one of the most sensational draws in Six Nations history. How do you sum that up?
80'Line-out England. Kruis takes it. Scotland shove back. England have a penalty. They carry on. Nathan Hughes nearly through. Tom Curry tries again. Another penalty. Nowell is inches away! Scotland keep him out. Kruis tries to get there. FORD! TRY! Under the posts!
80'We're in the red.
79'England have a penalty. It has to go to the corner.
79'England need a converted try just to draw, and they need it from inside their own 22, in the next 60 seconds.
77'Time ticking away. Scotland have a seven-point lead and the ball in their own 22. Russell launches it into England territory.
77'Substitute on - Ben Te'o , England
77'Player substituted - Manu Tuilagi , England
77'31-38 Conversion - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
76'This is now the biggest come-back in Six Nations history. It's beyond belief!
76'31-36 Try - Sam Johnson , Scotland
75'Finn Russell clears after the scrum. Vunipola comes forward but loses the ball and Scotland have possession. Scotland chance! Russell releases Sam Johnson! Can he? Can he? He can you know! He steps, he hands off and he gets over the line. 31-0, now 31-38. Remarkable!
74'Substitute on - Nathan Hughes , England
74'Player substituted - Joe Launchbury , England
74'Substitute on - Ben Spencer , England
74'Player substituted - Ben Youngs , England
74'Player substituted - Jamie George , England
74'Substitute on - Luke Cowan-Dickie , England
72'England push forward but Scotland defend with gusto. In the end Youngs has little choice but to box-kick. Hastings gathers and calls for the mark but then misses touch. It's launched back and eventually Scotland have a scrum.
70'OK, 10 minutes left. Scrum just inside the England half, right slap-bang in the middle of the pitch. Where is this game going?
70'Substitute on - George Ford , England
70'Player substituted - Owen Farrell , England
68'Owen Farrell off, George Ford on.
MISSED! No, not this time. He slides it wide. Still all square.
68'This is kickable for Greig Laidlaw. Can he give Scotland the lead?
68'Player substituted - Sean Maitland , Scotland
68'Substitute on - Adam Hastings , Scotland
67'TMO involved in this one now. It's not great from Farrell to be honest, but the referee decides he is not leading with the shoulder and there will be no further punishment. It's a Scotland penalty.
66'Finally some respite. After Russell and Farrell exchange kicks, Farrell and Graham smash into each other off the ball. Both are down and in need of treatment.
64'England are rattled, big-time. This is anyone's game now...
62'Scotland's line speed in defence is hugely impressive. Sean Maitland catches a high ball in his own 22 and skips forward. He floats a fine kick over the top into the England 22. It comes to nothing but if you want to know what confidence does for a team that shows you it.
62'Player substituted - Mark Wilson , England
62'Substitute on - Brad Shields , England
61'Substitute on - Simon Berghan , Scotland
61'Player substituted - WP Nel , Scotland
60'Is this really happening? Owen Farrell throws a pass to nowhere, Finn Russell intercepts and runs into a chasm in the England half and gap under the posts for a try. All level -- staggering!
60'31-31 Conversion - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
60'31-29 Try - Finn Russell , Scotland
57'Erm, this was not in the second-half script! Scotland drive forward off the line-out. A long long pass from Russell dissects the England line. Sean Maitland collects and pushes it on one more to Graham. On the opposite wing to where he scored his first, he shows enormous pace to finish it off and we have a game on our hands in all kinds of ways. What a response from Scotland
57'31-24 Try - Darcy Graham , Scotland
57'Substitute on - Josh Strauss , Scotland
57'Player substituted - Sam Skinner , Scotland
57'Substitute on - Jonny Gray , Scotland
57'Player substituted - Grant Gilchrist , Scotland
57'Player substituted - Stuart McInally , Scotland
57'Substitute on - Fraser Brown , Scotland
57'Player substituted - Ali Price , Scotland
57'Substitute on - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
57'Player substituted - Nick Grigg , Scotland
57'Substitute on - Chris Harris , Scotland
55'Scotland, as you can tell, are vastly improved this half and, after a bit of an arm wrestle in midfield, they win a penalty which Russell kicks into touch just inside England's 22. Scotland ring the changes.
52'Decent chance missed for England. Manu Tuilagi finds space -- he's been in great form this Six Nations -- and offloads to Ellis Genge. England have four or five men over but Genge can't quite get his pass away cleanly and Vunipola is forced into a knock-on.
51'This all looked very routine for England a few minutes ago but now it's a bit more up in the air. The crowd, thinking they may yet be needed, launch into Swing Low.
51'Substitute on - Dan Cole , England
51'Player substituted - Kyle Sinckler , England
51'31-19 Conversion - Finn Russell , Scotland
50'Wow! This is much much much better from Scotland. Ali Price chips forward for himself and gathers on the run. Magnus Bradbury gets up in support and finds a gap. He has the legs and makes it to the line for a second quickfire try. Did not see that coming.
50'31-17 Try - Magnus Bradbury , Scotland
49'It was very good interplay in the build-up to that try from Scotland. Price kept them moving on well, Russell was also involved and Skinner delivered his pass for Graham at the right time.
47'Scotland look to build from the scrum after a couple of resets. Nick Grigg makes some ground before forwards Watson and Gilchirst rumble onwards. They keep moving the ball and eventually Sam Skinner releases Darcy Graham to dance through and touch down. Easily Scotland's best moment.
47'31-12 Try - Darcy Graham , Scotland
45'Substitute on - Gordon Reid , Scotland
45'Player substituted - Allan Dell , Scotland
43'From their own line-out Scotland kick forward. Johnny May catches the high ball well and England look to attack from deep. Daly kicks a long one forward, but it inches beyond the Scotland line and the away team can come all the way back to half-way through the England half.
42'And we're back underway. England have a spell of early possession but WP Nel careers in at the ruck to take it back for Scotland.
41'That's what has happened today. Now we're ready for the second half at Twickenham. Lots to do for Scotland, lots to keep doing for England.
41'Earlier still France beat Italy to round of their campaign in style -- report here
41'Yes, Wales are Grand Slam champions. They brutally put Ireland to the sword with a 25-7 win in Cardiff to seal the title -- full report here
41'OK, so I don't want to put any dampener on what was an excellent first half for England, but a reminder of the real headline today...

41'+231-7 End of first half
40'Russell fails to find touch and England come forward. May has half a chance to add more points, but Scotland scramble and win it back. "That's enough", says Russell. We need a break. Half-time.
40'31-7 Start of second half
39'So a chance to add more points for England. George fires the line-out to Launchbury. England commit numbers to the maul. They reset a couple of times and move right across the pitch, but an excellent tackle forces England to hold on at the ruck and Scotland have the penalty.
39'So Scotland are on the board but England are on the attack again. A tackle off the ball from Scotland gives away a penalty on the verge of the break. Farrell decides to kick for touch.
36'31-7 Conversion - Finn Russell , Scotland
35'I've seen it all now. England are in decent shape in attack after Tom Curry wins the ball back with a big tackle. But then Owen Farrell's kick is charged down by hooker Stuart McInally. He chases but you think there's no chance he is going all the way. He is! The big man rumbles on, does Farrell and May for pace and stumbles over the line. Remarkable!
35'31-5 Try - Stuart McInally , Scotland
31'Another England break, this time from Nowell. Hamish Watson desperately scrabbles to field Nowell's forward kick after he takes three Scotland defenders out of the game. Finn Russell kicks to touch. Anywhere will do.
31'31-0 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
29'Tough to explain this. In a few moments we go from one end to the other and England score. Youngs thrusts a pass out to Slade on the wing. The Exeter Chiefs star adds a bit of glitz and glamour with a cheeky pass out of the back of the hand for Johnny May to cruise home. Great rugby from England, desperate from Scotland.
29'29-0 Try - Jonny May , England
25'A bit better from Scotland. They have a penalty for a late tackle on Price from Ellis Genge. A bit unnecessary really and Russell can plot a course into the England 22.
25'24-0 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
24'Solid from Farrell. 24 points on the board for England, a point a minute.
23'Daly and Nowell are really eager to press their case. Both make ground as England come forward again. England play through the phases, up to 16 of them, and keep pushing the accelerator down. The pressure forces Scotland to give away a penalty and this time Farrell will look to take the points from just in front.
20'It is a knock-on. No try after the TMO gets involved. Elliott Daly was the creator of the chance, sucking in two defenders then delivering a delicious offload to Nowell on the wing. He kicked over for Youngs who careered through, but Price went with him and forced him to knock on. Still, encouraging for England.
19'Now then. England are over again! Ben Youngs manages to score...but it looks like a knock-on.
18'Ali Price does his best to get Scotland moving but England's defensive line is rapid and they just keep knocking them back.
17'Tough times for Scotland. Finn Russell fires a loose pass backwards and England win the ball back. Slade tries to break down the left but can't quite kick through. Scotland line-out.
15'21-0 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
13'England in the mood for this and off their own line-out after an enormous collision between Tuilagi and Johnson in the middle, Sinckler charges through. England recycle quickly and Joe Launchbury has the simple task of stepping over. It's really ominous for Scotland.
13'19-0 Try - Joe Launchbury , England
10'14-0 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
9'And there is the reward! Short and quick line-out to Vunipola and England drive for the line. Tom Curry grabs the ball and dots down for another Six Nations try. Exactly what England needed, exactly what Scotland didn't.
9'12-0 Try - Tom Curry , England
7'England win another penalty and Farrell kicks for the corner. Another statement of intent for England.
6'Scotland get a bit slow in attack and Tom Curry takes advantage to turn it over and win the penalty. Farrell finds touch in the Scotland 22.
5'Scotland move the ball well from a scrum around half-way. In the end Finn Russell grubbers into touch and England have a line-out a few yards in front of their 22.
5'Player substituted - Ben Moon , England
5'Substitute on - Ellis Genge , England
3'Seeing that try again Scotland were totally bamboozled by the movement from Tuilagi and the pass from Sinckler. Really good rugby from England.
3'Farrell is on target with the conversion too. That's a big score for Nowell who came back in for Joe Cokanasiga this week. There are World Cup places to play for this year remember.
3'7-0 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
2'Perfect start for England! After Scotland clear their lines from the kick-off, Billy Vunipola gathers and England recycle well. Farrell and Sinckler are involved and Daly breaks. Slade finds Nowell who does brilliantly to skip through the tackles and touch down.
2'5-0 Try - Jack Nowell , England
1'So Owen Farrell to kick off for England. How will England respond to Wales' triumph? Off we go...
1'"Flower of Scotland" and "God Save the Queen" proudly delivered. Here we go for the last time...
1'Scotland have not win against England at Twickenham since 1983, and in truth it would be a big big upset if they were to do so today. We have had a perfectly-observed minute's silence for the terror attack in New Zealand. Now time for the anthems.
1'The trophy is being lifted in Cardiff as we get ready at Twickenham. Strange atmosphere as a result, but not a bad one at all in London. The teams are out.
1'But don't let that put you off! Welcome to ESPN's final live commentary of the 2019 Six Nations.

England and Scotland have nothing to play for but pride (and the Calcutta Cup) but this is still an international rugby match in a World Cup year. Twickenham may be a bit muted but it still matters, a bit.
1'OK so this one is now a little less important than it could have been. Wales have beaten Ireland, securing the Grand Slam and ensuring they are champions. We have a dead rubber to finish the Six Nations.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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