Israel Folau requests code of conduct hearing

Israel Folau has responded to Rugby Australia's breach notice and has requested the matter be referred to a code of conduct hearing.

Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castle announced Folau had 48 hours to respond to a breach notice on Monday afternoon in relation to his controversial social media post on April 10.

"Isreal has responded formally today to request a Code of Conduct hearing which, under the circumstances, was not an unexpected outcome," Castle said in a statement. "We will now work to confirm a date for the hearing as soon as possible.

"After the date for the hearing is confirmed Rugby Australia and the NSW Rugby Union will make no further comment on the matter until the Code of Conduct process has concluded."

The date of the hearing is yet to be determined, but with the Easter long weekend and Anzac Day within seven days of each other, it is likely the meeting will not take place until May.