Head of 2020 Tokyo supports daylight time for Summer Games

TOKYO -- The head of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics says he favors moving to daylight saving time so sports events can be held in cooler temperatures.

"We can use this opportunity of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for the government to make a bold decision," Yoshiro Mori, the president of the local organizing committee, said Tuesday at the opening of meetings with representatives of the International Olympic Committee. "I have asked the government to seriously consider it."

Mori's support for moving the clocks forward in Japan comes after a deadly heat wave this summer in Tokyo. It has also met strong opposition.

Mori turned down suggestions of switching the games to October, when temperatures are cooler. The 1964 Tokyo Olympics were held in October. He said contracts have been signed "and we must abide by our commitments."

Scheduling of many popular Olympic events is dominated by lucrative television contracts, particularly with the American network NBC. The networks want events to take place at advantageous times for their audiences. For Tokyo, this could mean moving swimming times to the morning so they can be view live in the evening in the United States, as happened with the 2008 Beijing Olympics.