Team Pilipinas ends World Cheerleading Championships campaign on a high note

ORLANDO, Florida -- Team Pilipinas ended its campaign at 2018 World Cheerleading Championships on a high note after the Assumption College Dance Troupe captured the silver medal in the Cheer Hiphop division, the first in Philippine history.

This, despite one of their players suffering an allergy attack and having to withdraw from participation just moments before the Finals.

"We made adjustments right before the competition," said head coach Vimi Rivera. "The girls are used to adversity, so they knew what they had to do."

The three other teams sent to this prestigious competition also put in creditable finishes.

Team Pilipinas All Girl Elite team finished fourth, up a notch from fifth after the semis.

"We didn't hit all of our stunts," said head coach Ramon Pagaduan. "But our routine made up for it, I guess. We're always grateful to be given a chance to compete at the Worlds."

Coed Elite, meanwhile, dropped two notches to ninth.

"All teams have levelled up this year," said head coach Randell San Gregorio. "Although we're still considered contenders, we have to prepare earlier if we hope to crack the top 3 soon."

All in all, the 2018 campaign saw the Junior Cheer finish eighth, the Coed Elite finish ninth, the All Girl Elite take fourth, and Cheer Hiphop take silver.

Head of program Carlos Valdes said the results show that the country's place among the most elite athletes of Cheerleading is secure.

"We've been competing at the Worlds for five years and remain in the top 10," he said. "Our record shows we can compete against the best. We will continue to develop our athletes and grow the sport in the years to come."

All results and routines can be viewed at www.cheerunion.org.