From Manila to the World: Nike, Titan link up for another LeBron shoe collaboration

Nike and Titan, the Philippines' leading basketball specialty concept store, once again linked up and recently released the commemorative Nike LeBron 17 Low "Titan".

The shoe, which is Titan's second collaboration with Nike and James, pays homage to the Philippine brand's 10-year existence and the country's love for basketball.

The seamless parallels of King James' and Titan's stories inspire the shoe's main graphic on the tongue. The crest, which is a globe mounted on the crown depicts LeBron's impact on the world, and is surrounded by 17 stars to represent his 17 NBA seasons.

The sneaker also has LeBron's "Strive For Greatness" mantra printed in Filipino, "Para sa Kadakilaan." A lightning bolt, derived from Titan's logo, symbolizes the brand's "from Manila to the World" dream.

The all-over graphic on the shoe's upper is emblazoned with a variety of logos and symbols, each representing an idea or a moment from the brand's first 10 years. The coordinates of Manila appear at the base of the insole graphics, with MANILA on the left shoe, and WORLD on the right.

The Nike LeBron 17 Low "Titan" is set to drop with a price tag of P8,095 at Titan's retail locations and webstore on August 1. The shoes will then be released at Nike Park Fort on August 8.