New cruiserweight champion Kalisto continues to learn and embrace every opportunity

Kalisto winning the title resulted in a number of significant questions about the future of the cruiserweight division, but he's enjoyed his time on 205 Live thus far. Courtesy @WWE

This story was originally published on ESPN Deportes.

Even though he has won several championships since his arrival in WWE, the most recent being his cruiserweight title victory on Raw a few weeks ago, Kalisto insists that every day he learns new things.

It began with winning the tag team titles in NXT with Sin Cara, and it hasn't stopped since. Kalisto, real name Emanuel Alejandro Rodriguez, was elevated to the main roster in 2015 along with his partner, who wrestled as the Lucha Dragons. There have been several different opportunities in his career, but no matter where he ends up, Kalisto has enjoyed what he's been able to do in WWE.

"I love learning everything. Chances are out there for everyone," said Kalisto, in a recent interview with ESPN. "I'm there to give opportunities to all the boys."

Kalisto, who was born in Chicago, is of Mexican descent and was raised as a young boy in Mexico. He joined WWE in 2013 after seven years working in independent promotions in the United States, where he fought as Samuray del Sol, and a run in Mexico, where he did a stint as Octagon Jr.

Once Kalisto signed with WWE the rest, according to him, was history. His tag team title win with Sin Cara was a big moment for Kalisto, and after getting the call-up to WWE together, Kalisto enjoyed singles success as well. He eventually became a two-time United States champion.

Whenever the company presented a new challenge to him, he didn't back down from it.

"Truthfully, I feel great because when I was in NXT and won the tag titles with Sin Cara, I didn't expect it -- I always wanted to be better. Already on the main roster, on Monday Night Raw or Smackdown, I felt I had to do something more," adds Kalisto. "Another opportunity came when I won the United States championship. I did not expect it, but it came, I took the opportunity and I wanted to take [the title] to another level."

After several uneventful years, Kalisto was moved unexpectedly to the cruiserweight division in an effort to revitalize his career. He was immediately thrown into a rivalry to Enzo Amore, another wrestler from the main roster that had joined 205 Live recently. In his second match in the division, Kalisto won the cruiserweight title -- and on Sunday, he will have the opportunity to defend it in the TLC PPV.

"Right now I'm the WWE cruiserweight champion, I did not expect it either. I always see ahead and see the future," said Kalisto. "I'm never comfortable, I always want to improve. I learn every day and want to improve and do more," said the 30-year-old wrestler, who started his career on the independent circuits in 2006.

Even though he answered in full character, Kalisto stressed the importance of his match with Amore, along with his real desire to help the talent in the division, according to the TV storyline that inserted him in the division.

"I feel really excited, but first I'm the cruiserweight champion and I have a match with Enzo Amore on TLC. I will put him in his place and will prove what it means to be a cruiserweight," said Kalisto.

However, Kalisto is pinpoint clear in his interest to take advantage of the platform he has been given to showcase more of his aerial wrestling style, along with other great talents who are there with him. He dropped names like Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado and Rich Swann, among others, that he would like to work with.

"In 205 [Live] there is a lot of talent. They have all traveled the world; they have worked against the best in the world. Enzo has no experience," said Kalisto. "All he has is a big mouth, and he uses it very well. 205 [Live] is to showcase the aerial wrestling style, the different styles they all have."

After his rivalry against Amore, which seems like it could stretch to the Survivor Series in November, comes to an end, Kalisto was crystal clear that he wants to feud with other members of the 205 Live roster; it will be a dual responsibilities, with appearances every Monday on Raw and every Tuesday on 205 Live, which airs on the WWE Network. He insists, however, that after more than 10 years in the business he still thrives to learn from his peers and rivals.

"There is a lot of talent, for example there is another fighter that is well known in Mexico, which is Gran Metallik. His work is an art and if they see what he has done in Mexico they will see many things that are still not showcased here," said Kalisto. "The same goes for Lince Dorado, Mustafa Ali, Rich Swann. I've known them all before WWE and I've worked with them too. I know what they can do. They continued to travel and fight against the best out there. I still can learn from them."